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Hair Sculpting Wax Organic


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USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC. POOFY SAYS Hold it! Works FABULOUSLY without terrible chemicals! Use with wet or dry hair, long or short. Can spike or create hold in curly hair. 

Start with a small amount of wax, you can always add more. 

On damp hair

Warm the hair wax between the palms of your hands by rubbing them together, then spread the product evenly to the lengths of your hair. Don’t be too heavy-handed when applying wax on your strands to avoid weighing your hair down.

On dry hair

Warm the product as you would when your hair is damp, then apply to the ends of your hair. Again, don’t be heavy-handed, touch lightly with just your fingertips. Twist as needed for definition.

2 oz.


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Hair Sculpting Wax Organic $22.00

5 Stars Based on 5 Review(s)

Susan of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Amazing Product

December 2,2021

My husband has tried every hair wax and pomade available at our local shops, and this one by far exceeds them all. Holds beautifully without sticky or greasy feel.  Hair can also be reshaped throughout the day as needed!  Can't recommend enough.
Acacia of North Carolina
- 5 Stars
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Natural look

July 15,2018

Bought this for my fiance and he really likes it. The wax holds his hair without being crunchy or looking like he has it in his hair, unlike his other brand. It makes his hair softer as well, and holds  his style all day. Love it!! So happy that we found an organic hair wax!
Diane of Virginia
- 5 Stars
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Love it!

August 29,2017

Little boys are so darn cute with spiked hair!  I've been using whatever products I still have under the sink to spike my son's hair, (which means they are not organic or all natural).  SO, I decided to try the Hair Sculpting Wax from Poofy. 

Product smells great and has no lingering odor once applied.  The first couple times I used the wax I noticed tiny white clumps (looked like a few grains of sand!) in his hair.  The third time rubbed the wax a little longer in my hand to melt the grainy "pieces".  (Kinda hard to rub and catch a kid at the same time, lol).  I also tried just styling the hair (not spiking).  Worked great for that too!

The hold is not like your main brand sculpting waxes.  It is a bit softer and you can restyle your hair throughout the day.  No stiffness.   So let's say my son decides to tumble on the floor.  His hair won't stay the way I fixed it BUT it is super easy to restyle.  If you want a bit more hold then I would supplement with a hairspray.  We followed with Poofy's Happy Hold Hairspray. 

As my son would say (as he looks in the mirror),  "IT'S GOOD!!!"
Jennifer of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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I had been unsure...

October 2,2016

I grew my hair out after years of shaving it and found the perfect hair style for me, but I was nervous to try any hair products. I like the scent and it dissipates over time. A small amount goes a long way and I usually apply it to damp hair after a shower. The next day, I can get it a little wet and restyle it without applying more wax. It keeps the fly-aways under control and is easy to reshape or comb as needed throughout the days. I think the argan oil has helped my scalp feel better too.
Jason of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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Even after giving my 3 year old a shoulder ride when she's tired my hair looks great!

August 21,2015

Holds great!  I can just get my hair back to where it needs to be after a lil tussel.  It also eases my mind that when my little girl Charlee falls asleep on my shoulders she's not breathing in harsh chemicals.  A wax is a wax but the Argan Essentials Hair Sculpting Wax is organic so not only is it better for YOU its better for our future!

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